Greystone Farm 


The Original Farm Collie

  Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and the Rough Collie are all descended from the English Shepherd.


English Shepherds are a medium sized dog with a weather resistant double coat. They are moderate in bone and angulation. They can be bossy.  After all, they are bred to run a farm!

Intuitive and sensitive they are very eager to please.

English Shepherds are America's Farm Dog

Grandaughter Kaitlyn spends a quite moment with Rose.


Our ES really do like children!

Rose, Ivy and Merry Jane are our English Shepherds. We rely on them to help around the farm. The lower right picture shows how Rose tells the chickens to go back into their house. She doesn't need to chase them. She is just standing there leaning towards them. ES have a good intuitive grasp of how much pressure to use on livestock.

This is Rose with her puppies in June 2013.

Here is Rose with her puppies when they were only 5 days old. 3 girls and 4 boys.


All the puppies are placed in their new homes! Hard to believe they are almost 3 years old now!